Sunday, 3 June 2012

Stage 1 Burn Complete

30 seconds to liftoff
We made it. We arrived in Nova Scotia 1 week ago. I had planned on writing several entries since my last posting but they would likely have been more end of career musings and hopefulness about a better life. I am happy to say we don't have to slosh our way through those few weeks of uncertainty and ramblings. We have in fact arrived at our new home and are settling in nicely.

So much to figure out and so much to do, but we are taking our time and trying to enjoy the early part of this journey with the kids just as much as we hope to enjoy the weeks to come.  

Beach run 1 week in
Landed a contract job with my employer. About $400 a week. 3 months and then we see where we stand. I don't anticipate the contract lasting beyond Christmas. I even got a cake on my last day of work (which did not feel different than the 2nd or 3rd last day).

Next up is getting my parents out here in 2 weeks time. I drive back to Ontario to oversee their move and get them on a plane out here where they will rent a house close by until they eventually move into one that will be built on our land. Exciting stuff that will likely unfold much slower than originally planned. At least they will be out here.

It's a different world out here in the middle of nowhere. No planes flying sirens in the background (and this was suburbia we are talking about).You can see the stars at night. You can hear your thoughts clearly and you can breathe. I remember my youngest saying to me months ago that she wanted to move to a place that had fields she could run in. She finally has it.