Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Getting Started.

I figure what better time to start blogging about my adventures (both past and present) then the start of a new year. And 2012 will likely be the most life changing year yet. A move to another province. A new environment, friends, new obstacles, eventually employment. What amounts to an entirely new life will unfold in the next few months.

I'm getting ahead of myself here.  Let me start with a brief introduction. I am your writer, JS. I am in my mid thirties, married to an incredible woman, have 2 wonderful daughters, an energetic Australian Sheppard and an aging cat. I currently hold a steady job as a senior manager at a manufacturing facility where I have been employed for 15 years. Yes, 15 years. I live in a suburb of Toronto in Ontario, Canada and am debt free. There, that should suffice for now.

But there's more to this blog then the usual ramblings of a middle class citizen trying to survive and eek out a living in time to retire and be too old to enjoy the fruits of my labour. There are many blogs doing a good job of this already that I visit frequently and would highly recommend. 
Don’t get me wrong, there will be plenty of that to find here but that's not what the core of this blog is about. Mixed in with rants, venting , financial woes, frugality advice, recipes and the occasional 'visit this website because it's cool ' tangent, this blog will serve as a journal of my adventures into the great unknown that is 2012. You see, I am about to become jobless, move to a different province and experience a vastly different way of life. 
All of this is self-induced and fueled by a desire to experience more, raise my daughters more meaningfully, escape consumerism and try to live a more simple, purposeful life.

I realize this is a lot to take on. I really do. But with my wife supporting my decision I know it can be accomplished. Perhaps with a few failures and realizations along the way.

I hope you enjoy reading these entries. Comments, questions, general rants and raves are always welcomed at

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