Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Bought the farm.

So this is what we bought.

The house was built around 1935. Fortunately the electrical and plumbing have since been updated.

It sits on 25 acres of land, half of it cleared and the remaining half is wooded. Oh and there's this:
It runs through the property! We actually own some of the land on the other side. I still need to get the place properly surveyed. I simply can't wait to get out there.

We're 15 minutes from the town of New Glasgow. The surrounding area boasts a population of 30,000 people. As a contrast, I currently live in a suburb of an area that has a population of over 3 million so this should be quite a change.

The beach is about a 25 minute drive.  Am I right in believing I've found a small piece of heaven?
Melmerby Beach, NS - August 2011
I believe I am.

Oh, and check out Cabin porn if you are not yet aware of this photo blog. Good stuff. Really allows you to get your Thoreau on ;) I spent 2 solid hours at work browsing it and I still didn't manage to get through the whole thing. 


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